About Us

The Bossmate mobile work station and utility table is a very unique system designed for applications at the job site and at home. The systems simplicity and utility render it very useful for a multitude of different applications. The system provides the basic features of two saw horses, but is much more portable and useful and is cost competitive even though the Bossmate is made with far superior materials of construction. It performs the same operational task as the most expensive and elaborate work table systems and then some, but at a fraction of the cost and with the versatility and portability unmatched in any industry.

The system was designed and is built in Chattanooga, Tennessee utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes and techniques. Through strategic partnerships with local manufacturing engineering companies and the continual implementation of the latest high speed, low labor manufacturing automation systems, the Bossmate is being built at a cost which is less than currently available foreign contract manufacturing proposals. The end user can be proud of the fact that they are supporting the basic strength of the United States and getting the highest value for their dollar spent. The Bossmate system has a very long life expectancy due to the 14 gauge carbon steel materials of construction utilized in its design. After the frame components are robotically welded, they are washed in a five stage Iron Phosphate industrial washer. They are then powder coated using manual and automatic powder application guns and cured to a very high quality surface finish. Fast and efficient packing and shipping means lower overall cost and you, the customer get much more for you money.

All of this means that the Bossmate system exemplifies all that is great about our country. Simple, high tech, innovation with high utility and low cost. This is Bossmate, this is what we are all about.

The Bossmate work station is only the beginning. Other products are on the way using the same philosophy. All of the unique and novel systems that we will provide will simplify and organize your space without creating other system use issues. We know we are heading in the right direction because we are just like you. We are contractors, we are home owners, we are innovators and we all need a place to put our stuff.