BOSS MATE Lends A Hand In New Orleans!

The Bossmate made a big difference during a recent mission trip to New Orleans. Using the optional Board Support brackets positioned to allow sacrificial boards to be mounted parallel to the table top, the BOSSMATE proved that this new method of hanging drywall will revolutionize the the entire process. Typical drywall installation processes require that the drywall board or sheet rock material be cut and formed on the floor or while it is leaning against a wall. Using the BOSSMATE table allowed the volunteer installers to load up to 8 sheets of uncut material on the table top. Cuts are now made at a perfect working height and the boards are fully supported during the installation process.

After install, the table was used as scaffold and during lunch as a eating surface. It was simply a beautiful thing. As that the fine gentlemen who owned the house had nothing but the FEMA trailer to live in, or any funiture for that matter thanks to Katrina, the BOSSMATE along with two HANDYMATES where donated to his cause thus giving him a new lease on life! IT’S ALL GOOD in New Orleans!






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