Bossmate Adds UTILITY To Trailers!

The Bossmate engineering staff made Bossmate history this week by taking the Bossmate into the landscaping and utility trailer market. the basic Bossmate frame with the new four rung design and some special mounting hardware combine to make every utility trailer more, well utilitizeable!

They have taken the Bossmate and added special mounting hardware and have enabled the mounting of the system on any utility trailer. The width of the trailer is the only thing we need and we build it to match fit your trailer.

Now you can haul piping, boats, canoes or any other long material on your utility trailer without worry. We thought that was what the trailer was for in the first place but any way.

You can also get a special lock box system that allows you to get out of your truck to eat lunch without the worry of some ##*#@&%^#*@(($*$%&#@($*&% stealing your stuff! The Bossmate system is the new sheriff in town and you can rest assured that your work just got easier.

Hey AMERICA, What is hauling your tools?






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