RIVERBEND in Chattanooga Gets A Helping Hand From BOSSMATE!

Ever seen a true sea of people having a really good time? Well come to Chattanooga TN in June and the Riverbend festival, the fifth largest in the country, will show you how it is done, southern style. The Bossmate, some 60 units were donated to the festival, were there to support all of the beverages and vittles the vendors could dish out. With Hank Jr and the Allman Brothers band playing on, the Bossmate was hard at work providing a little island of support for those weary party goers.

Now I have seen many concerts in my day or I should say back in the day, and if I had a Bossmate back then, I would have been able to see all of the show. The perfect way to get just a little higher than the other man and look good doing it! The Bossmate held them all!

Wonder if the Bossmate could be used as a band stand? After Brian set about 2000 pounds on one during destructive testing trials, I believe it would do just that. I think a call to Mick or even one Brothers is justified. I can see it now, You Can Hold Me Up, the next #1 hit by the Rolling Stones. You may see the Bossmate front and center stage at next years Riverbend.

This year you can just sit on one and rest a while.






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