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What do the most seasoned contractor and the weekend warrior have in common? They both need to consider buying a Bossmate workstation by Industrial Technology Group, LLC (ITG).

Contractors will appreciate the incredible strength and portability. Do-it-yourselfers will love the simple setup and versatility.
The genius of the Bossmate is the simple design. The frame is made of five 2”x2” 16-gauge steel robotically welded together to measure 24 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 34 inches high when viewed from the front. The top two cross supports are positioned to allow two 2”x12” boards to slide into the opening. When the boards are fitted with a frame at both ends, and the bottom of the frames are pulled toward the end of the boards, the weight of the boards and the top of the frames clamp everything into place. Additional weight actually increases the strength of the workstation.

If strength is what you are looking for, then look no further. This system is rated for more than 600 pounds on a 5-foot long worktop. The weight rating decreases when longer boards are used for the worktop but longer worktops will still easily accommodate all of your various stationary saws.

The Bossmate and all of its components lie flat and therefore take up very little space in transit. It is easily assembled (it took me about 30 seconds after a little practice) with no nails, screws, or additional clamps required. Taking it down and storing it is a simple proposition as well. The boards lay stacked on my garage floor with the Bossmate frames hanging from double hooks on the garage wall.

The word that best describes the new Bossmate is “versatile.” The first project I attempted with the Bossmate workstation was crown molding. The optional roller attachment that supported, and fed the long end of the cut to the miter saw, made it a one-person job. The roller feed was my wife’s favorite part of the Bossmate since it kept her from having to hold the long end of the molding.

The installation was sped along by another ITG product, the Handymate, a smaller version of the Bossmate used for step scaffolding. A 10-foot long 2×12 board and the Handymate provided the required elevation for two people to quickly and easily install crown molding in a room with a 9-foot ceiling. The 10-foot span beat the pants off of the constant up-and-down and repositioning of a pair of step ladders.

The next project that required the assistance of the Bossmate was installing a flag just below the gutter on the front of the garage. The Bossmate here functioned as taller scaffolding and allowed me, at 6’3”, to easily reach the roofline of the garage. With my 240-pound frame I felt completely comfortable climbing onto the worktop and moving around without so much as a wiggle from this solid workstation.

There are several attachments for the Bossmate that add to the versatility. In addition to the Roller Support the optional Board Support suspends two 2x4s, either the length or depth of the workstation, which creates an elevate table top to review plans or draft new ones. It can also be used to rip a board without worrying about cutting through the lower worktop. Other products and attachments can be viewed by visiting the online store at

Right now you can only find this incredible product on online at At $129.99 and $30 shipping for the Bossmate Value Kit, with one Board Support, one Roller Support and one Leveling Foot it is well worth the investment.
Wishing you happy home improvement.

Reviewer Tom Tuttle was brought up in the home building industry by his father who is a master carpenter. His education began as soon as he could stand on a roof without falling off. Tom continues to be a student of the trade and keeps up with all of the new trends in the home building industry.






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