The Durham Hearld-Sun

What do the most seasoned contractor and the weekend warrior have in common? They both need to consider buying a Bossmate workstation by Industrial Technology Group, LLC (ITG). Contractors will appreciate the incredible strength and portability. Do-it-yourselfers will love the simple setup and versatility. The genius of the Bossmate is the simple design. The frame… Continue Reading


The Bossmate product line along with the new dealer product display unit was given a very warm welcome in the along with the beautiful pre fall colors at the Mid States show in Minneapolis Minnesota. Based on the number of new dealers and the level of interest in the new display unit as well as… Continue Reading

Woodworkers show in Chicago

Well I think I have seen it all! The wood working society in Chicagoland is very much alive and turning! The Bossmate was taken in and made part of the show with open arms. The entire group saw the utility right away and the result was a very high level of show sales. The show… Continue Reading

Georgia Agricultural Show

Now this is how we do it in the South! I have never seen a show with three days of constant traffic at the booth and just about everyone stopping to get information or better yet buying product. Show sales were staggering and solidified our feeling that the Bossmate line of products will be a… Continue Reading

BOSS MATE Lends A Hand In New Orleans!

The Bossmate made a big difference during a recent mission trip to New Orleans. Using the optional Board Support brackets positioned to allow sacrificial boards to be mounted parallel to the table top, the BOSSMATE proved that this new method of hanging drywall will revolutionize the the entire process. Typical drywall installation processes require that… Continue Reading

BOSSMATE Goes To Handy Hardware Show!

Look out Houston, here Bossmate comes! Bossmate has just recently been accepted by the Handy Hardware Group as a qualified vendor and supplier. With over 1200 locations through the South, Bossmate is just a little more than excited about the buying show coming up in August. There will be lots of special pricing and show… Continue Reading


Final designs have been finished and the TAILMATE system changes tailgating and fishing and humting and camping forever! The most versitile recreational utilty system is now avaialble at all BOSSMATE dealers and outlets as well as on the web. GO VOLS! Continue Reading

Bossmate Debuts at the Mid States Show!

Bossmate rolls out the carpet at the recent Mid States Hardware Association trade show and fair in Minneapolis Minnesota. The local Bossmate reception was very good and showed the Southern Bossmate Boys what real Northern Hospitality is all about. Thanks guys! Looks like the Bossmate will be turning heads in the North Central region of… Continue Reading

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